find_out_3… and breathe, because my coaching sessions are time out from the day to day; a space in which you can be authentically you, focus on what you want, declutter your mind and get some clarity. Whatever you’re trying to achieve personally or professionally, I believe that you hold the key to your own kind of ‘great’, and what you need to unlock it is quality thinking time. As a coach, I support you by doing three important things:

  • Valuing you as a unique, resourceful, capable individual
    I am genuinely interested in you and your personal or professional goals, and I appreciate that all my clients are individuals. My role is to support you in bringing all your resourcefulness and capability to the fore to create your own unique solutions, grow and achieve your goals.
  • Listen
    That might sound like an obvious one, but I mean really listen; there’s a big difference in the quality of the listening that happens during a normal conversation and the quality you get in a coaching conversation. Personal change happens when we get honest with ourselves about what we think and how we feel. To be able to do that though, we need the right environment, and that includes feeling respected, knowing that we won’t be interrupted or judged, and trusting the confidentiality and impartiality of the listener.
  • Support and challenge you to think and act differently
    Over time, we all create shortcuts and patterns for thinking and being to help us to efficiently deal with the world, and we make assumptions about ourselves or the decisions we’re facing. These shortcuts, patterns and assumptions can be helpful, but they can sometimes keep us stuck or limit our potential. My aim is to enable you to challenge your ‘usual’ and find new alternatives.