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Not sure where next in your career? Start with you…

abundance-1868573_1920 (2)I don’t know about you, but I kind of fell in to my original career path, and then took opportunities as they came along and felt right to me, and that worked out OK for the most part. It wasn’t until my most recent career decision that I took a more coordinated approach to deciding my next step because for the first time, I wanted to make a more informed choice, and I simply wasn’t sure what was next for me. There is a dizzying array of possible job options out there, and over the coming years, many jobs will disappear to technology and be replaced with new roles to address new challenges and opportunities, and like the cakes in the picture, lots of them can look tempting. With all this choice and uncertainty, it can be useful to have a foundation on which you can make decisions, so I thought I’d share what I explored to answer the ‘what next’ question for myself and how you can use it to filter your possibilities.

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