“I have been coached over a number of months by Teresa and she has made a real difference to the way in which I think about and approach a very important relationship for me. Her style is thoughtful and supportive whilst providing thinking stretch and challenge. Outside our face to face coaching Teresa continued to think about my situation drawing upon relevant experience and recommended books that I may find useful. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her.”
Catherine, Senior Learning & Development professional

“Your emotional radar is fantastic. I think you’ll often know what’s going on emotionally for others faster and more accurately than they do themselves; it’s a great gift.”
Dan, Training & Development Consultant

“Even before her career in coaching began, Teresa’s passion for people development was very evident in how she worked and managed our team. A person with a great deal of curiosity, Teresa is a problem solver by nature, who has an acute understanding and appreciation of how people are different – and will therefore benefit from different ways of working. As a manager, she was supportive and always encouraged me to come up with my own solutions, which was both motivating and empowering!”
Hanna, Communications Professional